kid in astronaut costume

Super Easy Kids Astronaut Costume

Super Cool DIY Astronaut Costume for Your Child

Have you ever wanted to make an astronaut suit for your kid?

Here is a simple step-by-step guide. The whole point of a DIY is it should be inexpensive and easy to make. For this DIY costume, all the things you need can either be found at home or quickly bought from a local convenience store.

Also, this is quick to make. Your child will need minimal assistance for wearing and removing the suit. Let’s get started!

girls looking on boy in astronaut costume at home

Follow the steps below to make a super easy kids astronaut costume.

The materials you need:

  • A half-round file
  • A scroll saw
  • A heat gun
  • A hacksaw
  • A pair of scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • A painter’s suit (size XL)
  • Red and Spray paint (colors depend on the flag you want to make)
  • White duct tape
  • NASA patches (you can also make your patches)
  • Aluminum tape
  • 1-1/2″ x 1-1/4″ PVC Trap Adapter
  • A 5-gallon bucket
  • 3″ sewer cap
  • Plywood or craft foam sheet
  • 1-1/2 in. PVC DWV Hub

Making the suit couplings

Suit couplings make the costume look even more special. So, let us make some outfit couplings for the astronaut costume.

  • Make the couplings using the four PVC trap adapters.
  • To make the couplings fit the suit, we need to make rings. Cut out eight rings from the plywood with a scroll saw. If you do not have plywood, craft foam sheets do the job well. The suit looks neat now because, in the region where holes are made, suit material gets sandwiched between the rings.
  • To hold the plywood rings in place, make a retaining ring using the 1and a 1/2″ hub coupling.
  • Paint the couplings using spray paint. These can be held together easily using a section of a foam pipe at the time of painting.

Making rings for the neck and the wrists

  • For the neck ring, cut out a portion of the 5-gallon bucket with a hacksaw.
  • Cut a section from the ring to suit the diameter of your child’s head.
  • With a heat gun, heat the plastic ring and then use duct tape to join the two edges together.
  • For the wrist rings, use the 3”’ PVC drain or sewer caps.

Fitting of the suit

  • To add some puffiness to the suit, you can make your child wear a coat underneath the suit.
  • Make sure the legs and arms of the suit are of the right size. For the legs, cut them off to fit the length of the child’s legs. For the arms, roll up the sleeves till the biceps. Tape the folded sleeves with white duct tape.
  • Take the portions you cut off from the legs and slide it into the upper arm portion. Secure it with duct tape. This will give a more realistic look to the suit.

Attaching the couplings

  • On the suit, mark the outlines for the couplings.
  • Cut out the marked areas using scissors.
  • Fit the couplings to the suit.
  • Stick them to the suit using hot glue. Use as little as possible as it may melt the suit material.

Some final touches

  • On the neck and wrist rings, wrap the aluminum tape.
  • The silvery look makes the suit more realistic!

Tada! You have a super easy kids astronaut costume!

If your child is interested in becoming an astronaut, he might also be interested in astronomy. If that’s the case, you can have a look at and gift him or her a brand new telescope!

Pregnant woman holding baby shoes to her bump

When Should Your Baby Start Wearing Shoes?

One of the first big momentous occasions of a kid’s life is when he or she begins walking. Those little wobbly legs trying to stand up on their own and find their way around is one of the most adorable things in life.

But parents soon after have a common worry- should they make the baby wear shoes right then? Should they wait? What kind of shoes should be used? All these and more are valid questions for new parents, so we thought we would help with these crucial questions.

red baby shoes on feet

Babies shouldn’t wear shoes too early in life

Many people tend to think that their kids should start wearing shoes the moment they begin walking. But that will be the wrong decision even if you feel like shoes will help protect the baby from debris and other stuff which is always on the ground.

You certainly weren’t putting on mittens on your kid’s hands when he or she was crawling around the house on those same floors, so why put shoes so soon.

Moreover, there are other reasons why putting on shoes just after your kid has started walking is a bad idea:

  • Your child will learn to balance and coordinate better if he or she walks around the house naturally. Also, they will understand depth, perception, etc. better if their tiny feet touch the ground.
  • Tight shoes and socks can hamper your kid’s feet and legs from developing correctly.
  • There has been nothing that flat out says that shows help ankles become stronger or that they provide extra support to it.

So, when should babies start wearing shoes?

When your baby can confidently walk outside without wobbly legs, then it’s time to get shoes. This is because being able to walk confidently and adequately means that your kid is ready to go out and see the world.

white baby shoes over pink white dotted background

What shoes are suitable for a baby?

Babies who are walking confidently still have soft feet.

So there’s a list you can follow to get your kid shoes:

  • Start with soft shoes like moccasins. Make sure the sole is soft, and your baby can walk properly in them.
  • Instead of buying ready-made shoes for your kid, you can get one custom made for your child. This will prevent your kid from going through the whole ordeal where you have to push their little feet inside small shoes to see if they fit.
  • When getting custom made shoes, make sure the sole of the shoe is soft and flexible. Get open-toed shoes for your child since it will let them wiggle their toes around, and the whole experience of wearing a shoe for the first time won’t feel that bad.
  • Make the shoe out of soft and breathable material like cotton, leather, or canvas. This will prevent your child’s feet from sweating, which can happen in plastic shoes.
  • If you are getting closed shoes, then make sure that your kid has plenty of room to wiggle their toes, but also ensure that the shoe isn’t loose and quickly slips out.
  • Let your kid walk around in the shoe, and if it is uncomfortable, then they will tell you themselves. Listen and keep a watch on how they are feeling.
  • Even after buying the shoe, check your kid’s legs for any sign of sores or bruises. Even the softest material can easily cause ulcers because the skin is so smooth.
  • If you do find sores or if your kid complains that the shoe is hurting their feet, then immediately change the shoe. The best thing in this condition will be to treat the sores and wait for them to heal. During this time, you can give your kid little sandals or slippers, which they can put in and play around.

It’s never easy to determine when it’s the right time for your kid to start putting on shoes. There’s a lot of factors to be considered. But if you pay attention to your child and what they need, then you will be able to figure it out quickly.

Low Section Of Man With Brogue Shoes Standing On Steps

Gift Ideas for Shoe Lovers

A lot of ideas are there for our shoe lover friend. We have many friends with different likes and dislikes. Some of them are desirous for clothes, and some are desirous for jewelry.

But, some of them are fanatics of shoes, and If you have already decided to take a round of the whole market in search of the best pair of shoes for your friend, then you must not leave the best options.

A lot of possibilities are there in the market with which we can purchase the right shoe for our friend and make him feel happy.

A few ideas are enlisted here following which we can purchase the best kind of shoes for our friend and gift him on any auspicious occasion like on his birthday.

I found many of my ideas and tips for this article on a well-known (in Germany) website. You can visit the website at, and there you’ll find some fantastic gift ideas for children (not only shoes)!

Occupational report with shoemaker Klemann Shoes

Trending shoes

The market for shoes and clothes is very vast. Every week new models and accessories are launched with different designs and patterns. Different brands are in constant competition to remain in the market, so every week they launch some new design.

Who knows that your selected design can be the desired piece of your friend? Those friends who are very keen to wear the latest model of shoes can be gifted with the same, and this gift can be the best gift of his auspicious occasion.

Flat shoes

Who says that only shoes having heels are stylish? A large number of attractive, stylish, and comfortable flat shoes are there in the market, which can make your friend feel happy after receiving it as a gift.

They are available in different colors and shapes. They are made up of super comfortable material that can give comfort to your feet in every condition. They are also easily carried in the bags so that they can be worn anywhere. Flat shoes come in both formal and informal designs. Your friend can use it anywhere, either in the office as well as formal meetings too.

High heels

Shoes of this category can be gifted to the die heart fanatics of heels. Shoes of high heels look attractive and super cool. They come in different designs, and as best friends, you can select the best model for your friend.

They are also available in various shades and colors for the lover of colors. Friends who are of short height will like this gift because high heels maintain the height of friends of short height. Tall friends are also desirous for the pair of heels.

Heel protectors

If you are going to gift a heel protector to your friend as a gift, then they will appreciate your effort for their care and concern. Heel protectors are highly helpful for the shoes as they protect the shoes from losing their heel finishing.

Heel protectors are generally used by friends who are very keen on wearing heels on every occasion they are going to attend.

Shoes of unique style

One more category is here for those shoe lovers. They love to wear shoes of different types, but the best gift can be then when you gift them with the best shoes of unique style. Gift them the shoes which have never been worn by any of the users or are rarely available in any outlets.

They should be built with excellent finishing and stunning designs. They can be handmade shoes which you can find at the shop of an expert cobbler. Your friend will jump with joy after receiving such shoes of unique style.

Young woman looking at selection of high heeled shoes

Shoes for different personality

There are shoes in the market, which suit the character of an individual. Nobody knows your friend better than you, so choose the best shoe for your friend who can suit their personality. Your friend can be of different height and character, and different shoes are made for a different person.

To look more handsome and stylish, shoes of apt quality and design are essential. The level of happiness can’t be measured by your friend when you will gift them that shoe, which was their long-cherished dream.

Seasons for the celebration can arrive at any point in time, and a good friend is that who cares for the gift and, most importantly, the likes and dislikes of his or her friend.

Those who are planning to gift their friends a good pair of shoes must keep these points in their minds so that they can add a smile to the face of their friend when they will unwrap their gift box.

A large number of gifts are given on any auspicious occasion, but only that gift is liked and preferred by the one which was desired for. Such desires and likes can only be understood by a good friend.

So, gift something of that quality to your friends, which can make him feel happy.

Boy and girl in wedding attire walking downstairs

Wedding Attire for Children

Seasons of a wedding is one of the most awaited days for most of the people. They wait for this day eagerly so that they can cheer for the new couple and wear their favorite dress. Everything looks good when there is a proper arrangement, but it becomes difficult when it is time to choose the dress of children.

They, too, are an integral part of weddings, and without them, fun and charm lack. Children look good when they are dressed well and in the right colors. Their pretty presence makes the environment live and vibrant.

Colors like pink, violet look suitable for girls, and boys anything stylish in black is okay. It creates an impression of the way you are dressing up your child on special occasions.

Some of the tips are given below, following which one can dress his or her children especially and elegantly so that it can match the personality and fame of the parents.

It may also help if you gift your children a few presents bought at a website like Party Wedding. This will keep them (and you) happy and quit.

Children Watching at a Wedding

Fix the budget

The very first thing which comes for an individual to look before purchasing clothes for kids is budget. First of all, they have to fix a budget minimal budget under which they can expect good clothe.

Wedding clothes are a little expensive and fashionable too. It would help if you took care of the price and style of the dress. It must not be too cheap or vulgar. It should be of moderate price and looks pretty and, most importantly, suit your children.

Many a time, it happens that clothes are purchased, but not according to the mood of your child. Include the desires as well as the likes of your child before purchasing the dress. There is no need to purchase something extraordinary when the wedding function is not of close relatives.

Proper color, size, and length

Trial rooms are available at every branded or non-branded store. Cloths that you are purchasing for your children should be confirmed in size, length, and color. There should not be any confusion or mismatch because it can create trouble.

Please choose the proper size of the dress and then get a quick trial of the dress. It satisfactory then forward it to the invoice. Let your children choose the color of the dress so that they can wear it without any tantrum.

Otherwise, the problem can happen later. Proper length and fitting of the dress should be kept in concern by the parents and the storekeeper. If the selected clothing is not of the proper size or more in size, then contact the tailor of the shop immediately for the proper fitting of the dress according to the body size of your children.

Choose the cloth material

Give proper concern to the material of the dress you are purchasing for your children. Some of the clothes look good, but actually, they are uncomfortable. Such dresses can cause itching and skin problems for your children.

So, the fabric material should be made up of smooth and elegant material. The sad and gloomy faces of some of the kids during the wedding are caused by the wrong dress material, which turns their celebration into the course of itching continuously.

Some of the children hold their dress from some particular area just because the dress is creating a problem in their bodies. Cheap clothes are made up of such materials. So, purchase something which can be body-friendly and allow your children to take active participation in the wedding party.

kid walking at wedding outside with umbrella

Latest designs

The market is full of the latest designs and brands. One can find the best match for his children when they are going to be part of a wedding. Some of the designs are too pretty that they give your children a stunning and charming look.

For boys, such dresses are available, which makes them look handsome and immensely smart looking. For girls, dresses are available in pretty colors and patterns. Your baby girl will look like a doll when she wears that dress.

Children are also choosy regarding the selection of their dress. They would like to wear such a dress which is trending and latest according to the design. They, too, dream of looking beautiful and can get the look of everyone. Children wearing beautiful dresses during a wedding are always the center of attraction for everyone.

Dresses for girls

After all, this is the time for your beautiful daughter to rock the floor while at a wedding. It would help if you did not compromise regarding the dress of your cute little daughter, who is all set to have a new set of lovely dresses.

You can have the color pink for her with a combination of white color. Dresses coming for girls are always in pink, red, and white. They are specially designed for a better appearance for your daughter.

Girls, too, like these colors and most of the collection are coming from these colors. The most favorite dress of baby girls for any wedding function is floor-length dresses. They give a barbie look to the baby girl and look stunning.

Dresses can be different for winters as well as summers. For summers, the dresses should be light, smooth, and comfortable. For winters, the woolen clothes are preferred with designs and classy looks. Along with warmth, they must give a beautiful look to your girl.

Pageboy at the wedding reception

Dresses for boys

When you have to make the selection of dress for your prince, then you should not show any traits of a miser. A good dress for your baby boy can add impression to you as well as your personality. Boys always prefer dresses according to the latest designs and models.

They too wear the same dress which their friends are going to wear on the same day as the wedding. Colors are not very much concerned here, but designs are of much importance. A prince coat, black suit or shirt with jeans or trousers can be the best option for the baby boy.

The clothes of boys should be of good quality, made up of good fabric material. With attractive colors, they should be super comfortable, so that the boy must not feel any trouble while in the wedding ceremony.

Let your children select the right dress

Take your child along with you for the shopping. Let your child choose his or her dress, according to their likes or dislikes. Many times, it happens that they are imposed with the dress, and they have to wear the same dress forcibly.

This is not the right way where dresses are imposed on them, and they despise to wear the same. If you are wearing the dress of your selection, then allow your children too to wear the dress of their selection as they are intelligent enough to select the right kind of wear for them.

Wedding functions are a great opportunity for all to show their collection of dress to all. Children also aspire to do the same, but some of the parents didn’t allow them to do so. Allow your children to choose their wear because they also know what is right and what is wrong.

The selection of dresses for weddings is one of the most challenging tasks for anyone. People visit a large number of shops and branded stores for the right purchase. Good parents take care of the purchase of their children too, so that their children can look stunning along with them.

The function is all about enjoyment, and the whole charm of the task is with children and their satisfaction. On the night of the wedding party, when your children will appear with such a soothing and elegant dress, then they will be the center of attraction for everybody. Dress means a lot to a child, and they are also very much concerned about their attire.

Following the above tips and suggestions, one can avail of a pretty dress for his children.

Bronze Baby Shoes

How to Bronze Baby Shoes?

Guide to Bronze Baby Shoes

Do you wish to treasure your child’s first steps? Do you want to create a memento of your baby’s first shoes? Then you can do so by bronzing baby shoes.

The first pair of your baby’s shoes holds high sentimental values. Bronzing baby shoes is not something new. It was started back in 1934. During that time, it was quite popular. But soon, the trend died away.

However, bronzing baby shoes are back again. Many companies can bronze your baby’s shoes. But you can do it yourself at home as well if you want to know how then read the text below.

Baby shoes in bronze

Bronzing Baby Shoes

You don’t have to rely on shops to get your baby shoes bronzed. With the steps given below, you can DIY at home.

Here you go with the steps.

  1. At first, you need to clean the shoes using a damp rag thoroughly. While cleaning makes sure that all the dirt particles are removed.
  2. Take another rag and soak it in denatured alcohol.
  3. Now rub the soaked rag on the shoes to get rid of any dirt and polish that may have stayed.
  4. After you are done, let the shoes dry.
  5. In this step, you need to position the tongue and lace of the shoes the way you want.
  6. Using superglue or rubber cement, fix the laces and tongue in their desired position.
  7. Make two holes in the sole using a sharp needle. The holes should be big enough for you to thread your fishing line or wire.
  8. Now put the wire or line through the holes you made and make a loop so that you can hang them.
  9. Take a small bowl and create a mixture of fast-drying spar varnish and bronze powder.
  10. Stir the mixture well and continue doing it so that the mixture doesn’t settle at the bottom.
  11. Take a paintbrush and apply the mixture on the exterior of the shoes and the inside parts that are visible.
  12. Once done, allow the shoes to dry in a nice airy place.
  13. After the bronze paint has dried, check for dull spots and recoat them. You may have to apply several coats to achieve the desired effect.
  14. You need to make sure that you dry the shoes before applying the next coat.

Additional Tips

Here are some extra tips to get the best results.

  • To give the shoes an aged look, you can make use of black oil paint. You can mix it with the varnish mix.
  • It would help if you used a gel glue so that it doesn’t run down.
  • If you want to make the shoes a bit heavier, then you can use plaster of Paris. Fill in the front of the shoes with the mixture and hang it to dry.

By following these easy steps, you can bronze your baby shoes right in the house. Make sure that you have all the required supplies.