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Best White Elephant Gift Ideas

best white elephant gifts

Searching for the best white elephant gift ideas?

With the holiday season right around the corner, you may still be tearing your hair trying to figure out what to gift your loved ones.

Now, we know the allure which gag gifts bring with them, and the amount of fun that it can instill when you bring them to a party or a social gathering.

But, there are moments when giving your folks a nice gift which they actually want, can earn you a lot of grace points in their good books.

However, you can always go a step further and try going for gifts which are both fun and somewhat useful (NOT!).

And that is precisely where the White Elephant products come in. These quirky products are some of the best gifting ideas you will ever come across.

And in our list today we have brought for you some of our personal favorites, which we’re confident you will love as well.

The Butt/Face Soap

This soap was specifically designed to support two separate sides, one for your face and the other for your personal area.

Now, either you can take it to be a fun gag gift or a product that helps to promote personal hygiene.

Electric Wine Bottle Opener

If you’re feeling a bit classy and see yourself going to dinner in high-society, then with this amazing gift choice, you can hardly ever go wrong.

It’s really a great device to have around the house, and best of all, we don’t think that there are many people who that such a thing even exists.

Gnome Shaker Set

There aren’t many gifts that can be as cute and as cheeky as this shaker set.

This fun yet useful product can be the perfect gifting idea and is sure to bring about a lot of laughs around the table.

Splat Stan Coaster

If there is a dire need for some coffee table humor and conversation, then this coaster might just do the trick.

The rubber design will make it feel like you have crushed a little man with your coffee mug, and get a few chuckles out of you every now and then.

Moose Mug

If you’re a fan of Chevy Chase and his National Lampoon’s series, especially the Christmas Vacation one, then you will remember this iconic moose mug.

It’s a goofy yet vintage product to have around the house, with the references being an instant throwback on any social gathering.

Toilet-Bowl Mug

Toilet humor and the utility of a coffee mug come together harmoniously in this amazing White Elephant product.

Which both fun and use what’s not there to love about it?

This can surely bring a cheer to those drab Monday morning.

Happy Gifting!

With so many holiday special gifts to pick from, one can surely have a hard time picking the ones which their loved ones can use and appreciate. And more often than not, White Elephant is bound to have a solution to all your gifting problems.

We hope that you found our list of best white elephant gift ideas to be useful.

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