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Bronze Baby Shoes

How to Bronze Baby Shoes?

Guide to Bronze Baby Shoes

Do you wish to treasure your child’s first steps? Do you want to create a memento of your baby’s first shoes? Then you can do so by bronzing baby shoes.

The first pair of your baby’s shoes holds high sentimental values. Bronzing baby shoes is not something new. It was started back in 1934. During that time, it was quite popular. But soon, the trend died away.

However, bronzing baby shoes are back again. Many companies can bronze your baby’s shoes. But you can do it yourself at home as well if you want to know how then read the text below.

Baby shoes in bronze

Bronzing Baby Shoes

You don’t have to rely on shops to get your baby shoes bronzed. With the steps given below, you can DIY at home.

Here you go with the steps.

  1. At first, you need to clean the shoes using a damp rag thoroughly. While cleaning makes sure that all the dirt particles are removed.
  2. Take another rag and soak it in denatured alcohol.
  3. Now rub the soaked rag on the shoes to get rid of any dirt and polish that may have stayed.
  4. After you are done, let the shoes dry.
  5. In this step, you need to position the tongue and lace of the shoes the way you want.
  6. Using superglue or rubber cement, fix the laces and tongue in their desired position.
  7. Make two holes in the sole using a sharp needle. The holes should be big enough for you to thread your fishing line or wire.
  8. Now put the wire or line through the holes you made and make a loop so that you can hang them.
  9. Take a small bowl and create a mixture of fast-drying spar varnish and bronze powder.
  10. Stir the mixture well and continue doing it so that the mixture doesn’t settle at the bottom.
  11. Take a paintbrush and apply the mixture on the exterior of the shoes and the inside parts that are visible.
  12. Once done, allow the shoes to dry in a nice airy place.
  13. After the bronze paint has dried, check for dull spots and recoat them. You may have to apply several coats to achieve the desired effect.
  14. You need to make sure that you dry the shoes before applying the next coat.

Additional Tips

Here are some extra tips to get the best results.

  • To give the shoes an aged look, you can make use of black oil paint. You can mix it with the varnish mix.
  • It would help if you used a gel glue so that it doesn’t run down.
  • If you want to make the shoes a bit heavier, then you can use plaster of Paris. Fill in the front of the shoes with the mixture and hang it to dry.

By following these easy steps, you can bronze your baby shoes right in the house. Make sure that you have all the required supplies.

Baby Shoes

Right Way To Buy Shoes For Baby And Toddlers

Having the first baby, parents always are eager to give the first pair of shoes to their babies. They are very keen to provide shoes before the babies need them. Also, if the shoes are hard and not flexible with non-skid soles, then it could be difficult for the babies to take the first step.

The Popular Soft-Sole Shoe For The Babies And Toddlers

After seeing the soft-sole of shoes, parents buy them for babies. The famous brand for the pre-walkers and crawlers include:


  • Pediped
  • Umi
  • New balance
  • Jack and lily
  • Skechers
  • Robeez
  • Stride Rite walkers
  • Preschoolers crawlers
  • Lacoste
  • IsaBooties
  • Vans
  • Nina Kids
  • Merrell

Dress up the baby with good socks until he starts walking. When your baby is at the crawling level, soft socks will work best enough. If a toddler wears beautiful shoes with the matching outfit, then it is better to remove them when she is around for a walk.

Factors To Know When Buying Shoes For Baby And Toddlers

It is best to give shoes to the baby when she starts walking well. While buying shoes for the toddler, you need to consider many factors like price, style, and most important is a comfort. It is good to have non-skid soles and flexible. These are the essential facts to know if you are looking for baby shoes. Also, make sure that baby shoes must fit correctly, and they must not be much small.

Why Crocs, Velcro, And Sandals Are Not Suitable For The Toddlers?

From Sneakers with Velcro and Crocs for the toddlers to the shoes, flip-flops are very easy to get rid of. It is a way that you might find it challenging to have a hard time to keep those shoes for your baby. Thus it is better to say that barefoot is the best. But once your toddler starts moving around the house, then it will surely develop stubbed toes, splinters, and broken toenails, etc. when she might not be wearing shoes.

Baby Shoes

In this case, have laced shoes if you want your child to develop a habit of wearing shoes every time moving around. This will even help them to wear shoes own when they turn 7 or 8 years old. Crocs can injure the toes of your child. If a child is walking around and face injured feet after that, then it is better to provide them with laced shoes.

What Are The Tips For Buying Shoes For Babies And Toddlers?

In addition to the tips, you need to consider many other things for buying shoes for baby and toddlers:

  • For an average child, it is better not to have shoes that have high backs, wedges, reinforced heels, inserts, unique arches, and many other features.
  • The shoes that cost most are not always the best. Best shoes are those that fit well and are comfortable and flexible. These shoes must have room to grow as young and outgrow shoes very fast.

It is better to talk to the pediatrician when you concern for a child’s feet. Take tips from them for your child.